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My Gift to My Mama!

What's up, ketchup? (Tagline I got from Ms.진리 from 93.1 Monster Radio)
Oh well anyways.

Today, what happened today? I actually woke up super late. I was supposed to meet someone from Boice Philippines but I wasn't able to get up early. Why? Because the English Breakfast Tea from Starbucks kept me awake the whole time. I was able to sleep just at 5:00 AM. The feeling was damn terrible. I felt the caffeine flowing through my veins, my head felt so light as if it was gonna float in the air. The feeling was just...@_@ It's as if I had drugs or something. (Oh well but I never used nor I WILL NEVER  USE any illegal drugs.) I never want to have that feeling again. 

Anyways, again. :))

I actually bought a gift for my Mama. She said she wanted a starbucks stuff. So there you go.

I bought her a tumbler. It's color brown, her favorite color actually. I really thought I would short of money on hand (not liquid at the time I bought it, in accounting term). Haha. So I was actually thinking of using my magical debit card! :))

Hihi. Shot from Pizza Hut at SM North. I'm glad my Mama liked it. I'm actually demanding her to use it always.

Ignore the fat me. :D Anyways, is there something wrong  with globe? I can't seem to receive any SMS. +_+

Anyways, it's kinda late already. I better go now. 다들 안녕!<3

Not yet done studying for my MS quiz. Haha.


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