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justforbeanca's Journal

Bea Angeli
7 April
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Hello! My name is Bea Angeli, 20 years old from the Philippines — a future CPA Lawyer (in God’s Grace). I’m from the University of Santo Tomas taking up BS Managerial Accounting. I’m also a Marian from Saint Mary’s College, Quezon City, batch 2008. I’m a spoiled bratt papa’s girl the youngest child in the family and has a sister. I’m a random person who wants random stuff. I’m sort of an OC, possessive and perfectionist human being. I love numbers, vivid colors, pets, music, arts, food, astronomy, cute stuff, cosmetics, ninjas, gadgets,books, movies, etc.(Oh yea, enough to support my randomness). Honestly, I’m no good in writing (I guess, yet I said I am a perfectionist), so please forgive me if this post has some grammatical errors on it .

I’m not actually a professional photographer and web designer (though aspiring and frustrated to be one). I’m merely a hobbyist who likes to take photos, play around photoshop (or any image editing softwares), and make good images. As for web designing, I actually don’t know how exactly I learned it, but I just love reading online tutorials and exploring stuff on my own.